G Adventures leads the way through travel

G adventures

One of the leaders in responsible travel, G Adventures, headed up by the inspiring Bruce Poon Tip, gives back to the world in so many ways and ensures that, just by being there, guests do, too.

The company has done an incredible amount of good work through its Planeterra Foundation, which supports locals and empowers them to improve the future for themselves and their children. Just one example of this is the Women on Wheels project in India, where, together with the Azad Foundation, disadvantaged women in poor urban areas are trained to become professional drivers.

G Adventures

G Adventures also uses Women on Wheels to pick up all their guests from the airport. Another great G Adventures program is the Sisterhood of Survivors, working with SASANE in Nepal. SASANE empowers survivors of human trafficking by training them to become certified paralegals and arranging job placements for them in police stations.

G Adventures

These trained paralegals are then the first point of contact for other victimised women that come into the police station. Planeterra has also pledged to raise $5.1 million over the next five years to integrate 50 new social enterprise projects into G Adventures’ itineraries by 2020.

gadventures.com.au; planeterra.org


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