The one with the Friends-themed Airbnb

Just in time for the reunion airing 27 May, you can stay in a Friends Airbnb.

We’re talking a living room that’s a replica of Central Perk and a turquoise kitchen just like Monica’s.

On the coffee table, guests will even find a script of the show’s pilot including a scene that never aired.

The living room of the friends airbnb complete with the central perk lounge and foosball table
Sit on the Central Perk lounge ©Airbnb

The Friends Airbnb looks like it’s right out of the set of the hit show. It’s got everything from Friends artwork to the famous purple door and yellow-framed peephole.

If you want to belt out a rendition of Smelly Cat you’ll find Phoebe’s guitar next ot the coffee house couch.

It’s even got a foosball table with a little toy chick from Joey and Chandler’s apartment.

Eagle-eyed fans will pick up on all the subtle nods to their favourite episodes. You’ll find a copy of The Shining in the freezer and the Geller cup on the shelf.

You can snuggle with Hugsy the penguin or take a bubble bath behind the bathroom curtain printed with Chandler enjoying a bubble bath of his own.

And of course, it has a TV so you can binge-watch the series and Friends: The Reunion airing 27 May on HBO Max.

The Friends Airbnb isn’t in New York like you’d expect. It’s right in the heart of Los Angeles by Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

It’s just an eight-minute walk from the Beverly Hills electric fountain. The Friends Airbnb owner even challenges guests to make their own Friends opening credits.

The apartment sleeps two guests (not a party of six) and a night will set you back around AU$500.

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