Perth restaurant publishes hilarious negative reviews

A Chinese restaurant in Wanneroo, Western Australia, has left people simultaneously laughing and scratching their heads after they created flyer advertising their food with bad reviews included.

Reddit user TheMuffinMan347 shared Foo Hua’s menu online last week and it has since gone viral.

One side of the flyer showcases reviews left by customers, yet not all of them are positive.

Foo Hua restaurant flyer
Foo Hua flyer. Credit: Reddit user TheMuffinMan347

Sprinkle in some typos and grammatical errors and the restaurant has become the epitome of the phrase “any publicity is good publicity”.

Some of our favourites are: “Waited for over an hour, where is my food?” and “I ordered fried rice without prawns but I got a lot of prawns in my rice, I need a refund.”

If this makes you question booking a table, fear not. Foo Hua also deliver, and we’ve heard the delivery boy is “very cute, or so another review on the flyer boasts.

Foo Hua
Credit: menulog

Foo Hua’s flier does have positive comments and the restaurant has received a lot of praise from patrons online.

“My only go-to restaurant. Well done!,” one wrote.

Said another: “Thank you so much for the nice food. So many Chinese places have let us down but this is the BEST we’ve ever had.”

Getting noticed

The flyer has certainly drawn attention to Foo Hua with many users saying it may be a clever publicity stunt.

User littleblackcat commented: “Tbh this makes me want to try this place.”

So maybe the flyer’s hilarity was intentional? We contacted Foo Hua to find out.

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