Fly above the water on this amazing $18k electronic surfboard

From a distance, a Fliteboard just looks like any ordinary surfboard.

That is until you realise the person on it is floating above the water.

Fliteboard has unveiled their next generation of products that let you float above water faster, cleaner and quieter.


The eFoil has a pretty hefty price tag of $17,795 and they start to cost even more once you begin customising them.

If your pockets aren’t that deep you don’t have to miss out. Companies such as RedBalloon and Adrenaline offer Fliteboarding lessons from less than $200. It’s totally worth it.

How does it work?

Fliteboard uses hydrofoil technology to let you move above the water without relying on waves.

A hydrofoil (which is like a wing attached to the board) sits under the water’s surface to lift the board about 70 centimetres above the water.

A hydrofoil sits under the water to lift you above ©Fliteboard

Unlike an ordinary surfboard, you can ride on the e-surfboard in less than a metre of water.

A handheld bluetooth remote controls the speed of the board.

A hand-held Bluetooth remote controls the speed of the board © @micbergsma Instagram

Plus the battery can be removed from the board so you can plug it into a wall charger. Charge it to 100 percent in less than 2.5 hours.

Fliteboard is able to carry a 90 kilogram person at a speed of 20 kilometres per hour using less than 750 watts of electric power. It is able to do so completely emission- wake- and virtually noise-free.

The eFoil is completely emission free © Fliteboard

Four models are on offer: Fliteboard, PRO, ULTRA and AIR. The best way to look at the models is by their size and your ability.

The larger models are easier to ride while the smaller models are built for performance.

What’s different about Fliteboard Series 2

The second generation of products sees the introduction of the world’s smallest eFoil.

The Fliteboard Ultra is just 127 centimetres and features a reduced swing weight for advanced riders to push the limits.

Series 2 also introduces new purpose-designed eFoil wings and a free-spinning propeller with one way bearing for power off wave rides.

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