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Five books we're reading right now

Peaks of Europe by Johan Lolos (RRP €39.99)
Our first of five books is by photojournalist Johan Lolos who brings us this epic visual journey that takes readers from Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelagos to Greece’s largest island. Featuring 250 glorious colour images, readers are propelled along the five-month European journey that showcases the incredible diversity of Europe, from the Arctic islands to the French Alps. Not just a photography collection, this stunning book brings with it Lolos’ most important lesson – that in the end what he remembered most were the people he met along the way.  lannoopublishers.com

Onsen of Japan by Steve Wide/Michelle Mackintosh (RRP$29.99, Hardie Grant)
For anyone who has experienced or is planning to experience the traditional and soothing hot springs and bathhouses of Japan, Onsen of Japan by Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh is a must-read. This well-researched guide will help you choose what bathing experience is ideal for your trip and it includes a handy checklist of the dos and don’ts of each individual onsen. From deep forest hot springs to seaside hangs and local gems, this guide documents 140 of Japan’s most interesting, unique and finest bathing locations, and offers guidance on the intricate etiquette and customs that part of communal bathing culture.  hardiegrant.com

Journey through Wine, An Atlas byAdrien Grant Smith Bianchi/Jules Gaubert-Turpin (RRP $70, Hardie Grant)
Journey through Wine by Jules Gaubert-Turpin and Adrien Grant Smith Bianchi intriguing book is both a geographical and historical journey that takes readers through 56 countries from the shores of the Black Sea to the mountains of the Andes. Each winemaking country is explored as well as the best of wine past, present and future. This book is sure to answer all the questions you have ever had about the humble grape’s global conquest. Best enjoyed with a glass of the good stuff. hardiegrant.com

New York Precincts by Pip Cummings (RRP $39.99, Haride Grant)
This gorgeously presented guide is resplendent both inside and out. Full of local tips, it’s hard to go past the easy to follow layout, abundant colour images and handy list format. The book covers 20 of New York’s most popular precincts with plenty to offer including unique shops, chic bars and scrumptious eateries. From ramen restaurants in Williamsburg to hat stores in Harlem there is such an abundance of experiences to enjoy, one trip won’t be enough. hardiegrant.com

Canberra Secrets by Margaret Wade, (RRP $39.95, Canberrasecrets.com.au)
This highly detailed book contains all you need to know to unlock the secrets of Australia’s laid-back capital. With four distinctive seasons, there is something to do in Canberra at every point in the year. The book is conveniently divided into sections that allow you to explore exactly what you are looking for, whether it be nature, adventure, music, special events or other! Offering a whole new take on the Australian capital, it opens up an exciting trove of local knowledge that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.