First MICHELIN foodie guide to city for Seoul


The first ever edition of the MICHELIN Guide to Seoul has been released, providing food-loving visitors with a useful guide on dining options in the city.

Known for its eclectic dining scene ranging from royal cuisine restaurants and fine dining establishments, to its many specialty Korean one-dish restaurants and popular street food, Seoul is a foodie’s dream destination with plenty of flavour to experience.

The new guide brings together a selection of the best of all cuisines with every establishment chosen first and foremost for the quality of its cooking.

Traditional Korean cuisine restaurants La Yeon on the 23rd floor of Shilla Hotel and Gaon are two restaurants which have been awarded three MICHELIN stars by the guide, with La Yeon also named in the coveted Best 50 Restaurants in Asia in 2016.

Other notable mentions include contemporary Korean restaurants Jungsik and Mingles, which are well known for their innovative cuisine and the blending of traditional Korean ingredients into modern dishes with unique flavours.

Korea is also popular for its variety of street food amongst locals and visitors alike, and there are plenty of specialty one dish restaurants. Look for ones serving Samgyetang – whole baby chicken stuffed with ginseng and glutinous rice simmered slowly for hours, and Mandu – Korean-style dumplings served with kimchi.

The MICHELIN Guide to Seoul is free and is available from the Korea Tourism Organization Sydney office, email for your free copy.


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