Explore Ecuador’s Treasures


Calling on its experience from previous Galápagos journeys, Curious Traveller has curated a unique small boat experience aboard the Seaman Journey for visitors seeking an authentic experience of a country and its residents, both human and animal.

With many daily excursions, including walks, snorkelling and small boat rides to get up close to the island’s amazing geology and animals, the carefully curated Specialist Tour, from 16–27 March 2017, will include sightings of iconic Galápagos favourites including blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, sea lions and sally lightfoot crabs. Galápagos tortoises will also appear at breeding centres on San Cristóbal Island and the Charles Darwin research station.

Upon return to mainland Ecuador, guests will explore the architecture, lesser-known food spots and artisanal market in the celebrated old town of Quito – the first built environment to be World Heritage-listed


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