Explora Lodge, Patagonia


Located within the confines of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region, the 49-room lodge is perched on the edge of the impossibly scenic Pehoé Lake with views all the way across to the Paine Massif and the imperious granite towers which give the park its name. Every room, bar one or two, enjoy this view every day. When the sun rises at these low latitudes, the golden rays illuminate the peaks with a surreal glow that seems to vary slightly every morning from purple, violet and deep honey. Coffee and croissant will never be the same.

The lodge offers a wide range of activities including hikes and horse riding to suit guests of all levels of fitness and ability, all within the park itself and taking full advantage of the stupendous scenery. The lodge’s own stables are nearby and their exclusive launch operates from a jetty right in front. Everything is included in your stay and the meals, derived from local ingredients and paired with superb Chilean wines, are a highlight as guests dine in front of the stunning panorama. There’s a discrete (and discreet) spa house on the lake over the back where you can indulge in an indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi and even a swim in the invigorating lake. There is a minimum four-night stay and the lodge recommends eight. Believe me, you’ll understand why.


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