Exmouth Diving’s Citizen Science program

Exmouth Diving Centre, a member of Australian Wildlife Journeys, has spent many years conducting dives around Ningaloo Reef, is now doing everything it can to protect the Reef and its creatures for the future.

The Centre began a Citizen Science program, where ordinary people assist the crew to collect data so that scientists can use it to research the sustainability impact and health of the environment. They collect data on whale sharks, turtles, manta rays, sharks, jellyfish, dugongs, nudibranchs and other fish, and also photograph the animals.

You can even have a manta ray named after you if you photograph one that has not been identified before.

Guests can be as involved as they like, or just choose to enjoy the experience of swimming with whale sharks (March to late July), or doing full-day dive or snorkel trips.


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