5 European-inspired holiday experiences you can have in Australia

If you missed out on your European holiday this year perhaps a trip to some of Australia’s most European-inspired destinations might cure your travel cravings.

Working with Toyota, we’ve matched up a range of popular European holiday activities with their best Aussie alternatives. Each spot is easily accessible by car so pack your bags because you’re going to want to take a road trip.

1. A Turkish bath (hammam) in Antalya = Turkish Bathhouse in Burleigh Heads, QLD

If you had a Turkey on your European holiday itinerary, it’s likely you were looking forward to a hammam (a Turkish bathhouse). Here in Australia, a trip to Queensland’s Greenhouse the Bathhouse in Burleigh Heads is the next best thing.

This modern bathhouse is a stylish mix of a Swedish sauna and a Turkish hammam. Visitors can indulge in 90-minute soak sessions, with access to hydrotherapy spas, a steam room, magnesium plunge pool, sundeck and lounge area. What’s a holiday without a bit of self-care?

Greenhouse the Bathhouse, Queensland © Greenhouse the Bathhouse

2. The Northern Lights, Iceland = Star Gazing in Capertee, NSW

While you may not be able to marvel at the spectacular Northern Lights, sleeping in a transparent tent under the star-lit sky is the next best thing.

Nestled in Capertee Valley, Bubbletent Australia offers three unique bubble tents called Virgo, Cancer and Leo. Each tent is hidden from the other, meaning guests can enjoy unmatched seclusion. Enjoy panoramic mountain views and starry skies while sipping on a glass of vino.

Enjoy a cosmic experience at Bubbletent Australia © Instagram/legitsu

3. Streets of Amsterdam = Artsy hub of Bangalow, NSW

For those who are craving cities that drizzle of style and cool culture but don’t reside in Melbourne and think Byron Bay is too commercial, then Bangalow is your solution. This tiny town boasts unique artistic shops, organic markets, cute cafes, and boutique hotels that will remind you of the streets of Amsterdam.

Our Corner Store Bangalow_Destination NSW
Our Corner Store, Bangalow © Destination NSW

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4. Yoga retreat in Santorini = Organic retreat on the Gold Coast, QLD

If you had plans to detox from the modern world at a yoga retreat on a Greek island this year, book your next holiday at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the Gold Coast Hinterland and discover why it’s so popular among celebrities, even Hugh Jackman.

The organic lifestyle retreat is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. While you may not be in the midst of Santorini’s iconic blue and white buildings, you will be high on a plateau beautifully isolated among nature – a setting that lends itself perfectly to this type of holiday.

Gwinganna lifestyle retreat
Sunrise yoga in the Gold Coast Hinterland © Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

5. Lake Vrana, in Croatia = Pink Lake on the Coral Coast, WA

If you are looking for a weekend trip and you live in Perth, you simply must check out the Hutt Lagoon on the Coral Coast. If the name alone is not funky enough, then the lagoon will do it. The water changes colour between bright bubble-gum pink, lilac, and occasionally even red. It is basically like an Instagram filter, only real. It is simply too cool to not visit.

Hutt Lagoon © Tourism Western Australia

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