Eurail introduces changes to rail passes

Europe’s extensive railway network means that travelling by train throughout the continent is one of the most convenient ways to get around. Eurail has long been the go-to when it comes to making these trips a lot easier. Since 1959 it’s offered travellers a range of rail passes that allow for simplified travel and well-priced tickets. And this year, to celebrate its 60th birthday, Eurail has simplified its portfolio of passes, permanently reduced their prices and expanded the list of countries accessible with Eurail passes.

Eurail now only offers three different types of passes: Global Pass, One Country Pass and Greek Islands Pass.

Eurail pass 2019

Global Pass

The Global Pass is the best option for those moving between different countries. It allows you to travel to and across all 31 countries in the Eurail network. There are 5 flexi pass types available and 5 continuous pass types, so you’re covered for a range of trip durations.

One Country Pass

As its name suggests, the One Country Pass is the best Eurail pass to get if you’re sticking to the one country. There are 25 countries to choose from where you can use this type of pass, and 5 flexi pass types available.

Greek Islands Pass

The Greek Islands Pass allows you to travel between 53 Greek Islands via ferry. There are two options for this one; either a 5 trips pass, which gives you 1 month to take 5 domestic ferry trips within Greece. The other option is the 6 trips pass, which gives you 1 month to take 4 domestic ferry trips within Greece, plus 2 international ferry trips between Greece and Italy.

Eurail pass 2019

This year, Eurail has also introduced FYR Macedonia, Lithuania and Great Britain to its Global Pass network. This last inclusion is especially welcome and will make travelling within the UK and between the UK and other European countries super simple.

Eurail has also made a permanent price reduction across their passes, with the Global Pass fare being reduced up to 37%. Lower prices have also been introduced for the One Country and Greek Islands Passes, plus there are now also senior and youth discounts available.