Espresso on the go

Coffee on the go just became a whole lot easier.

Right in time for summer, Espresso Company Australia has launched the PORTA ViA by Rocket Espresso into Australia to kick-start the coffee-traveller trend.

The PORTA ViA comes in a slick black travel case and can be set up quickly and easily once you decide you’re ready to brew. The espresso machine is a ‘prosumer’ level and uses a traditional level activated E61 group head (a commercial group head) and functions at the same standard used in commercial quality machines.

Included in the purchase price is the Travel Case, the PORTA ViA and accessories such as a bottomless portafilter, milk pitcher, tamper, blind filter and dual cup set and saucers.

The Rocket PORTA ViA is available from A$4299 inc GST from bespoke coffee sellers.

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