English Market – Cork, Ireland

English Market. Cork, Ireland

The city of Cork, with its cosmopolitan air and bustling promenades, is one of Ireland’s most charming cities, while the English Market is a well-kept secret among lovers of global gastro adventures. The English Market (comprised of the Grand Parade Market and the Princess Street Market) has a history that dates to 1788, and is frequented by local and celebrity chefs, visitors from around the world, and even Queen Elizabeth II. Go full Irish with pig’s feet, tripe, a type of salted cod known as battle board, and black pudding, or keep it simple by sampling buttered eggs and the market’s acclaimed seafood, which often finds its way into local fish and chips. Daring foodies come from across Ireland for Kathleen Noonan Pork & Bacon and the Farmgate Café, institutions that have transformed the English Market into one of the world’s great gastronomic playgrounds.

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