Emirates A380 First Class: Dubai-Sydney


Emirates EK5002
Route: Dubai – Sydney
Aircraft: A380-800
Class: First class Seat 4K
Duration: 14 hours 20 minutes

There’s something weird and wonderful about getting your gear off 40,000 feet in the air and taking a hot shower.

There are two shower spas at the front of the plane for first class passengers and your preferred time is noted when you board. The trouble is you get in there and you don’t want to leave. The spacious bathroom is stocked with Timeless Spa and Bulgari products, a hair dryer, full-length mirror, fluffy bath towel and, when you leave, green tea and a fruit platter awaits.

Then you return to your private suite that’s a little like a luxurious cubby house in the sky. A sliding door creates a compact haven and there’s A Do Not Disturb sign when you want to be alone and a room service button when you don’t. The roomy leather seat is well-padded and faster than you can say ‘another champagne please’ – it converts to a flat bed stretching to 2.08 metres in length. A light mattress, down pillows, cotton-lined blankets, sleep suits and slippers are delivered. There’s also a mini wardrobe, pop up mini bar that with the push of button rises after take-off and a wellness kit with lotions and potions designed to promote sleep. There’s plenty of leg room and storage space with a snack basket full of goodies.

Living the dream, I dine on caviar served with mini blinis, chopped boiled egg, sour cream and lemon, followed by a fillet of salmon seasonal salad and I couldn’t say no to the chocolate panna cotta with almond brittle. Service is excellent – if you fancy a salted caramel tart or smoked duck at any time of the night – no worries. The first class lounge and chauffeur service is part of the deal.


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