Elephant Hills, Thailand


Elephant Hills combines the best of two worlds in Thailand, offering guests with a love of elephants not only a vacation in a beautiful jungle environment but also a chance to see and work with elephants – but not riding them.

Elephant Hills is home to 12 Asian elephants, most of whom had worked in the logging industry until it was banned. As part of Elephant Hill’s soft adventure tour packages, guests interact with the pachyderms, watching them bathe in their giant mud pool, before helping clean them using coconut fibres and then feeding them. Afterwards, the elephants go back to the huge, free-roaming area, where guests can watch them play or graze in their natural environment.

Elephant Hills offers two- to four-day soft adventure tours in and around the breathtakingly beautiful Khao Sok National Park, with accommodation in the either the jungle tented camp or the floating rainforest camp.

Elephant Hills is demonstrating that local livelihoods can be improved through conservation-based tourism, while supporting an alternative to captive elephant riding as a tourism attraction.