Elemis at Sea, on Pacific Aria


It sounded fantastic, a massage in the Elemis spa on the Pacific Aria – no worrying about parking spots, parking tickets or having to be back at work or home or somewhere in that timetable of normal life. I mosey on up to the Spa, located on Deck 11, and am in shock at just how big it is, and how many elements there are to it. A hair salon, massive gym, an area for teeth whitening, acupuncture, thermal suites and of course, the treatment rooms.


My masseuse shows me into a room, and in it is not your usual massage table but a large rectangular bed that is full of small quartz crystals. I lie on a towel and she scoops away handfuls of crystals to get my body just so. It is warm, which is instantly relaxing, and while she begins the massage, her hands kneading and stroking, she explains that there are very few of these in the world and that they replicate the feeling of lying on a sandy beach in the sun. She might have said more, but I was drifting off somewhere, in a blissful daze, only coming to when she softly murmured my treatment was over.

Definitely one of the best massages I have ever had and just one of the many lovely surprises Pacific Aria has in store.

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