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» Fast and furious in Barcelona

Fast and furious in Barcelona

Barcelona, Sagrada Famiglia, Drive Me Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Europe’s great cities with its cuisine, history and culture always a highlight. The works of Gaudi, including the magnificent Sagrada Familia, a 172-metre cathedral that is still not complete, are always a drawcard, as is his gaily painted Parc Guell.

To see the sights of Barcelona in a different way, rent a Supercar or a Ferrari from Drive Me Barcelona. Choose one of four unforgettable tours to view the spectacular city in the most unique way.

Barcelona, Sagrada Famiglia, Drive Me Barcelona

Drive a Supercar around Montjuic, Tibidado or the Sagrada Familia. Car enthusiasts can drive their dream supercar around the Barcelona F1 circuit or enjoy a more rugged adventure driving along the ragged mountains and the spectacular coastline. For an equally authentic Ferrari experience the whole family can enjoy, venture into Ferrari Land, a unique theme park that only opened this year.

With BMX and acrobat shows, incredible rides where you accelerate from 0 to 180 kilometres an hour in just five seconds, and authentic restaurants, you’re sure to be satisfied.

Barcelona, Sagrada Famiglia, Drive Me Barcelona