Deyrolle Taxidermy. Paris, France

Less a market and more a shop, Deyrolle deserves honourable mention on account of it being the single strangest shop in all of Paris, and perhaps the entirety of Europe, mostly because there’s nowhere else in the region you can buy a stuffed elephant, mounted cheetah, Goliath beetle, ancient axe, articulated bullfrog skeleton, or condor wing. Deyrolle is one of the most unusual taxidermy shops on the planet – there’s literally nothing they can’t mount – and has been in continuous operation since entomologist Emile Deyrolle opened the doors in 1831. Collectors, scientists, film producers, hunters and other curious types make up the bulk of the shop’s customers, though the general public is welcome to browse the collection, and spend a few moments pondering why a stuffed elk needs to be dressed in human clothing.

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