Nine destinations where the Australian dollar goes further

Looking to get more bang for your buck while on holiday? According to research recently conducted by OnePoll together with global travel website Skyscanner in November 2022, around 97% of Australians are planning at least one international vacation in 2023. The same research indicated that around one-third of those people are specifically looking for an affordable destination where the Australian dollar will buy more and stretch further. 

With this in mind, Skyscanner travel expert Jarrod Kris has shared nine of the best affordable destinations for a winter escape where the Australian dollar is the strongest. According to current exchange rates, the top three best places Australians should visit this year are: 


“We know Aussies have an affinity for Japan so it comes as good news that the dollar is doing well there. Japan has been a destination for avid snow chasers for some time now, but in the summer Japan has just as much to offer,” says Jarrod. “There’s so much to explore this Japanese summer, such as the Hoshitoge Rice Terraces or the beautiful beaches of Okinawa.” 

Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan.
Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan. © Unsplash/ Denys Nevozhai


India has become a top travel search and is trending upwards with flight bookings up by 21% on 2019 pre-pandemic levels. The Australian dollar currently stands strong against the Indian rupee, making India a great travel bargain destination. “Take advantage of the current strength the Aussie dollar has over the Indian rupee and visit the heart of Bollywood cinema, Mumbai. Gaze upon the Gateway of India stone arch or explore the ancient cave temples on Elephanta Island, temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva,” says Jarrod. 

Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Taj Mahal, Agra, India. © Unsplash/ Sylwia Bartyzel


“With the Aussie dollar performing well in Argentina, now might be the time to consider exploring roads less travelled. For those who have always dreamed of a South American escape, Argentina truly can show you more bang for your buck,” says Jarrod. “Argentina is famous for its stunning natural landscapes in Patagonia and its vibrant city life in Buenos Aires. Exploring the gem of South America also offers a culinary experience any foodie would die for.”

Iguazú Falls, Misiones Province, Argentina
Iguazú Falls, Misiones Province, Argentina. © Unsplash/ Derek Oyen

Affordable destinations where the Australian dollar is strongest


In South East Asia, Indonesian destinations such as Bali, Jakarta, Ubud and Seminyak should be on your travel bucket list, as the Australian dollar performs well against the Indonesian rupiah. The Australian dollar performs similarly against the Makaysian ringit, so a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching or Langkawi is also on the cards. 

Rice terraces with palm trees
Rice terraces in Tegallang, Indonesia © Unsplash/ Jamie Fenn


The exchange rate from the Australian dollar to the Chinese yuan currently works in Australians’ favour, so now is one of the best times to visit China’s biggest city, Shanghai, or see the palace complex of Forbidden City in Beijing. 

Cityscape, Shanghai, China.
Cityscape, Shanghai, China. © Unsplash/Edward He

Sweden and Norway

While the Australian dollar typically performs poorly against the euro, there are two outlying destinations that make a European holiday a little more affordable for Australians right now: the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Norway. The Swedish krona and Norwegian krone are currently kinder to the Australian dollar, so now is the time to book that trip to Stockholm or Oslo. 

Red houses on rocky coastline in lofoten norway
Lofoten, Norway. © Unsplash/ Kym Ellis

South Korea

If a sojourn in the urban metropolis of Seoul in South Korea has been on your wishlist, now may be the time to visit. The Australian dollar is strong against the South Korean won, and will afford you a fantastic holiday filled with sightseeing, national parks, coastlines and unique experiences. 

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