Dairy Flat Farm & Lodge: the ultimate gourmet experience

The team behind the award-winning Lake House Daylesford have done it again, announcing the imminent opening of their Dairy Flat Farm and Lodge offering unsurpassed luxury and immersive gourmet experience.

Located amid the rolling hills of Musk, just seven kilometres southeast of Daylesford Victoria, the Dairy Flat Farm spans across 38-acres of land. Here you’ll find a productive vegetable garden, vineyard, established olive grove and an orchard of 350 heritage fruit trees. 

The farm also has its own bakehouse, European-styled luxury lodge and decorative gardens.

Dairy Flat Farm & Lodge: the ultimate gourmet experience

Creator Alla Wolf-Tasker AM has always been one to support local sustainability and growers. In fact, she’s dubbed as a champion innovator in Australian hospitality and tourism and credited for shaping the region of Daylesford.

The new Dairy Flat Farm supplements what existing suppliers are unable to provide. It also allows room for Lake House chefs to experiment with growing rare and interesting fresh produce for the kitchen.

One of the Dairy Flat Farm’s most exciting features is its bakehouse. Sitting within an existing underground cellar, you enter via a tunnel beneath the Lodge.

Michael James, from Melbourne’s renowned Tivoli Road Bakery, will not only collaborate in its operation but will also run regular sourdough baking classes on site for Lodge guests.

Goods baked here will also cater to the Lake House restaurant as well as Wolf-Tasker’s more casual country café Wombat Hill House.

Dairy Flat Farm & Lodge: the ultimate gourmet experience

‘Having our own productive farm has been a long-held dream for me and the team at Lake House. It means that the vast majority of produce we serve now comes entirely from the local area. It’s also the next step for us and the Lake House family to close the loop on the immersive food-focussed experience for all our guests,’ says Alla Wolf-Tasker.


The Dairy Flat Lodge offers an idyllic escape for those keen to embrace life on a productive farm. A farm with hotel-style comforts, that is. And, not to mention, a good cocktail at the end of the day.

The luxurious lodge can accommodate groups of up to 14 people with six ensuite rooms, decorated with custom-made furniture and original artwork.

Guests will also have their own live-in concierge to organise every aspect of their stay. This may include optional farm tours or scheduled workshops on gardening, baking and beekeeping.

They can also immerse themselves in the day-to-day activities of the Farm: in the vegetable garden, orchard, vineyard, olive grove or ornamental gardens, with the beehives or in the bakehouse. 

Dairy Flat Farm & Lodge: the ultimate gourmet experience

‘The Farm will be full of experts in their fields, giving guests an opportunity to observe, immerse or dive deep depending on their level of interest in getting their hands dirty,’ adds Alla Wolf-Tasker.

The Dairy Flat Farm and Lodge is scheduled to open December 2019. To find out more about the immersive farm stay experience and lock in early reservations visit www.dairyflatfarmdaylesford.com.au

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