Creative ways people are getting their travel fix during isolation

COVID-19 lockdowns around the world appear to be bringing out our creative sides – and especially those of us itching for a holiday.

As borders remain closed and the future of travel is still uncertain, people have been finding new (and super creative) ways to experience travel from home, and it’s giving us the dose of entertainment we all need right now.

From recreating the morning commute to work, to clever safari adventures and homemade ski fields, here are some of our favourite ways people have been keeping the wanderlust alive at home.

Flight attendant Kristen Gillett thought she would get on the bandwagon of working from home and her efforts to maintain her professionalism are hilarious. She created a video with her husband, comedian Wes Barker, about what it would be like if she kept doing her job from home and the end result has since gone viral.

One family who got creative with isolation safaris shared this image to Twitter, which shows them enjoying their own game drive, tour guide and all, in the comfort of their backyard. 

Inspired by this photo, our sister brand Holidays with Kids are running a competition to inspire creativity from families while #stayingathome isolating and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. See how to enter here and tag #hwkholidayathome to get featured.

Image: @EinsteinNamibia

UK father Steve Cross raised the bar for parents everywhere when he built a chair lift and ski slope in his backyard for his kids’ entertainment. While speaking to Insider, Steve revealed that the family had plans to go skiing over Easter and he was determined not to let the coronavirus take that away completely. Watch the full video here.

This family found a fun way to kill time in isolation by creating a video pretending they are about to embark on a summer holiday. The video captures each member of the family going through the screening processes at the ‘airport’ before boarding the plane and running through the safety instructions. At the end of the clip, you can see them cheering from their destination while enjoying a few cold drinks.

The Hahn Family, who would usually be off travelling the world, have instead brought the world to their living room by re-creating several iconic holiday photos. In the first photo, you can see them enjoying a day a the beach with cocktails in hand. While in the second shot, they’re cruising down the canals in Venice.

Instagram influencer Gabrielle Epstein set a mood when she posted a video of herself on Instagram walking along a treadmill, luggage in hand and plane clothes on, pretending it was an airport travelator. In the next shot, she can be seen waiting at ‘baggage claim’ as her suitcase moves along the conveyer belt. She captioned the video: “Me practising for when the borders open back up.”

This Disney employee Katelyn, who works at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, decided to #workfromhome and lead a one-of-a-kind safari tour using a remote control car and stuffed animals. In the video, she guides the safari car through the ‘Harambe Wildlife Reserve’ and stops by each animal to provide some facts about them – as any good tour guide would.

One of the first travel-from-home videos to go viral was of this adorable retired couple who recreated their cancelled cruise from home. In the video, posted to social media by their daughter, you can see the 74-year olds decked out in bathrobes with sunnies, wine in hand while relaxing on lounge chairs as they watch rolling footage of the ocean on their television. “Cruise cancelled? No problem,” the caption read.

This next one is not about creating a dreaming holiday from home but, rather a group of housemates who re-create their morning commute in the shower. It’s quite entertaining to watch, especially with the real-life train sounds in the background.

A popular trend that is appearing on social media is stop-motion animations. Theses two skiing in confinement animations from ESF Officiel and Philipp Klein are worth watching.

Two guys have taken to Instagram to recreate their old Europe photos, including that time that they had a picnic under the Eifel Tower in Paris. Unfortunately their replacement Eifel Tower just doesn’t quite have the same effect.

Image: Instagram/Bart James

Surfer Yadin Nicol has found a way to bring the surf into his living room with the help of a skateboard and a large mat. In a video posted to Instagram, he creates the illusion that his daughter is riding through a barrel wave by pulling the matt over her as she gets pushed through.

If you want to have a little bit of isolation-holiday fun with your own family, enter this competition by Holidays with Kids that involves sharing a photo or a video of you and your family pretending to be on holiday for your chance to win one of three fabulous prizes. You can find more details about how to enter here.

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