Contours’ Agua Pura Project

Agua Pura Project, Contours Travel

Having access to clean, drinking water is something we take for granted, but for many, including children in country areas in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, many have no choice but to drink contaminated water.

Contours Travel supports a number of initiatives throughout Latin America, including Agua Pura. Together with the Rotary Club of North Melbourne, Contours Travel has created the Agua Pura Project – a community project that relies on donations made by fellow travellers, travel agents, and small and large businesses.

Agua Pura Project, Contours Travel

Agua Pura Project’s donations go towards buying and sending Sawyer Water Filters to local communities in Peru providing them with access to safe drinking water. An even better option is to volunteer to go to the communities to distribute the water filters, as part of your Contours itinerary.

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