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Unfortunately – for now – we’ve had to say goodbye to the days of travelling and immersing ourselves into new cultures and experiences. To limit the spread of the coronavirus which has developed into a global pandemic, it has become necessary to close borders and self-isolate in our own homes. 

However, the team at Withlocals, who are all about connecting travellers and locals worldwide, have launched a new initiative encouraging people to continue these cross-cultural connections through unique experiences now offered online. 

Withlocals LIVE is the newly developed website that offers 35 online experiences offered by 20 locals from 15 cities worldwide – and more to come. With a mission to connect people with cultures, the new experiences aim to unite people from around the world who share similar interests and passions. 

For instance, you can try out a Malaysian curry cooking class run by a mother and daughter; do an online tour around the Vatican museum with a PhD in Art History; learning the basics of guitar with a spanish influence; discover the curiosities of Venice from a local; or discuss all things interior design with a local living in Barcelona. There’s plenty of options bound to add a bit of excitement to your days of home isolation. 

“Until now, Withlocals has been about travel – meeting each other in a city and exploring that together,” says Matthijs Keij, Withlocals CEO.

“But today, we go beyond that with the launch of Withlocals LIVE. Because our community has been hit extremely hard – and we want to be there for them. When we started out we imagined our whole family in the kitchen, or our friends all in their own kitchen, ready to cook. And in another corner of the world – in Bangkok, Rome or Buenos Aires, our locals would cook side by side with us. We would meet as strangers online and leave as friends.”

Connect with locals around the globe
Image: Withlocals

All Withlocals LIVE experiences are private online experiences with a maximum capacity of ten people. When you book, simply get in touch with the local host and decide on a date, time, and the actual experience that suits you both.

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