The world’s most unique day trip

The world’s last great wilderness is much closer than you might think. Australia is the only country from which you can take a sightseeing flight over the frozen south. With Antarctica Flights, you can reach the continent in just four hours aboard a privately chartered Qantas 747, and be back to sleep in your own bed that same night.

Since its first charter in 1994, Antarctica Flights has fulfilled the bucket list dreams of over 40,000 armchair explorers.  Become one of the privileged few ever to witness the desolate beauty of this untamed landscape. There is no other way to reach Antarctica from Australia, and you won’t even get your feet wet on your adventure.

With up to four hours viewing over the ice as you enjoy Qantas’ full service at altitudes as low as 10,000 feet and Antarctic experts aboard to inspire you with expedition stories, this is a truly immersive experience. No two flights are the same, and with myriad weather dependent routes to choose, it’s no wonder this is every pilot’s favourite flight to command.

Antarctica is a vast land of extraordinary extremes, whose surreal majesty can only truly be understood by air.  From December to February, Antarctica Flights has a fresh schedule of departures from Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

How often do you get the chance to tick an entire continent off your wish list in a day? With a range of flight classes available to suit all budgets, an Antarctica experience would make the ideal special occasion gift – or treat for yourself.

Find out how easy it is to stake your claim over this icy kingdom! Antarctica Flights: 1800-633-449;