Cloverdale, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Cloverdale blossomed into life in Steamboat in 2017, giving a new lease of life to a falling-down house that had well and truly withered on its vine.

After a wonderful day of skiing on the slopes of this world-class resort, appetites were primed for what would turn out to be an exceptional meal equal to anything we have had around the world.

Chef Patrick Ayers is all about using fresh, local ingredients, so the menu changes constantly, depending on what is available from the beautiful, abundant Yampa Valley.


Produce is not a problem and with chef’s imagination running amuck, we sit down to 12 courses of mind-blowing food (you can also choose a five-course option).

Each course is small enough so that we don’t feel we will explode when the last morsel has been savoured, and each comes in a different bowl, plate or dish that just adds to the flair.

Of the 12, there were no imposters; no weaknesses. The degustation included such delights as Colorado bass, bison ox tail, lamb consommé, Heluka pork loin, local grain risotto, kohlrabi and chamomile tea jelly.


As for dessert, or that should be desserts, the goat’s milk with wild currant and huckleberry cocoa noir and rice are exquisite.

We do struggle to finish the delightful mignardises (mini desserts served at the end of the meal), but it would not be right to leave something so delectable behind, would it?

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