The Classic Safari Company presents 'The Secret Women’s Series'

The secret’s out! With decades of experience in designing safaris to Africa, India, Latin America and beyond, The Classic Safari Company now offers new choices exclusive to female travellers with the all new ‘Secret Women’s Series.’

Applying their collective expertise and unrivalled passion, the experts from The Classic Safari Company have created a collection of bespoke, escorted journeys designed specifically for women.

Accompanied by an experienced ‘leading lady’, with the support of the best specialist guides in each destination, The Secret Women’s Series collection offers small group exclusivity and the companionship of like-minded female travellers with all the sophistication and adventure that The Classic Safari Company is renowned for.

Dance through the streets of India celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colour, contemplate the vast, star-filled sky from a Bedouin desert camp, or explore the cradle of modern civilisation in Iran. Whether it be learning the art of haggling in centuries-old souks, treading ancient Incan pathways, or tracking Africa’s iconic wildlife with Maasai warriors, The Secret Women’s Series combines authentic luxury with exceptional cultural exchanges to create real adventure in unreal style.

For a truly mindful and engaging journey that allows you to simply immerse yourself in the experience rather than juggling the logistics, join the tribe at The Classic Safari Company.

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