Chuan Spa, Cordis Auckland

Chuan Spa, Cordis, Auckland, NZ, health and wellness

Renowned as one of New Zealand’s best and most luxurious spas, Chuan Spa at Cordis Auckland is an Oriental inspired retreat, offering an extensive range of holistic treatments and impressive facilities.

I arrive early and enjoy the ‘Chuan Tri-bathing Ritual’ starting with a water massage inside the ‘Snail Shower’, followed by a herbal steam, then the sauna. I splash on some ice and finish with a dip in the outdoor heated pool and Jacuzzi. This relaxes the muscles, improves circulation and preps the skin, getting it ready for treatment.

Harmony and balance
Traditional Chinese medicine is at Chuan Spa’s core, with the philosophy that achieving harmony and balance between ‘The Five Elements’ of wood, fire, earth, metal and water within one’s qi’, or energy, is the key to optimum health. An element consultation prior to treatment establishes my personal ‘element’ imbalances, ensuring my treatment is specifically customised.

I am drawn to the ‘wood’ oil and my therapist starts the 30-minute Chuan Herbal Salt Scrub, a deeply cleansing full body exfoliation, using an invigorating blend of herbal salt, peppermint, ginger and warm oil. After I am buffed and polished, I rinse off in the private shower before enjoying a deeply relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage with the ‘wood’ oil.

A blissful 30 minutes later, I float out, with my qi definitely back in balance.


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