CHI The Spa, Shangri-La Sydney

Providing a respite from the bustling streets below, CHI The Spa boasts luxurious spa suites, spa tubs, and indulgent and specialised treatments featuring Australian brand Sodashi, considered to be the purest spa range in the world.

In an exclusive venture, CHI is the only spa in Australia to offer the 90-minute Oud Renewal Therapy by Sodashi. Used to release stored emotions, ease tension, detoxify, and improve digestion, skin radiance and spiritual wellbeing, the rare and sacred Arabian oud oil is applied and massaged into the entire body, for a complete head-to-toe experience.

CHI therapists are expertly trained in this holistic treatment, which is mostly firm, working with intent and focusing on pressure points, particularly along the spine to release blocked energy. Specialised Sodashi skincare is used for the facial, followed by a pressure point facial massage with oud oil. A facemask is then left on while the therapist performs a deeply soothing scalp massage, before applying oud oil to the third eye and chakra points.

This opulent and moving treatment has been known to evoke a profoundly emotional release in some people, and crying is not unusual. While I wasn’t personally overcome with emotion, I found the treatment to be deeply relaxing, while the warm, woody scent of oud oil felt very grounding, giving me a sense of comfort, security and invigoration which cocooned me for days afterwards.

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