The cheapest day to book flights and hotels revealed

If you’re looking to score a travel bargain, be sure to pay attention to the day you book because it turns out, this can have a significant impact on the price of your holiday.

In their 2021 trends report, online booking platform Expedia has revealed that timing is key when it comes to getting the cheapest deal on flights and hotels.

According to the report, which used data provided by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), travellers can save up to 25 per cent just by booking and travelling on certain days.

That goes for both international and domestic travel. So if you’re booking in peak periods or last minute, this travel hack is one way to cut down on costs.

Cheapest day to book flights domestic and international
Travellers can save up to 25 per cent just by booking and travelling on certain days. © Canva

The cheapest day to book flights

When it comes to booking flights, both domestic and international, the cheapest day to book is on a Sunday.

“Past data indicates that for both domestic and international flights, booking on a Sunday, not a Friday, could save travellers around 25 per cent on domestic airfares and almost 15 per cent for international flights,” the Expedia report claims.

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However, it’s not just the day you book that matters, but also the day you choose to depart.

If you’re travelling domestic, Thursday is the cheapest departure day. If you’re travelling overseas, a flight that departs on either Tuesday or Thursday will be your best option.

Thursday is the cheapest day to depart
According to Expedia, Thursday is the cheapest day to depart. © Canva

The cheapest day to book hotels

This travel hack comes in handy for hotels too.

Rather than booking a domestic holiday over a weekend – which unsurprisingly is the most expensive for hotels in Australia – travellers who stay on a Monday night can save almost 15 per cent.

Those booking future travel overseas should aim to stay mid-week, with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights offering the best prices, according to the report.

These findings were based on Expedia’s accommodation demand and prices on their throughout 2020.

It may not sound like much but small savings can go a long way when it comes to travel.

Hotel Chadstone Melbourne
Hotel Chadstone Melbourne © Sofitel

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