Chau Long Market, Hanoi, Vietnam


The Đồng Xuân Market is the largest covered market in Hanoi, and wildly popular among locals and visitors alike – but it’s really not the sort of place to go if you plan on catching a glimpse at unique local culture. For that, you’ll want to venture out to the Chau Long Market, a traditional wet market in the truest sense of the word – fish is big business here, and if you spend any time at all wandering the narrow corridors at Chau Long, chances are good that you’re going to get wet. Chances are also good that you’re going to see fish species, fruits, and vegetables you’ve never seen before – and have an opportunity to experience that wild trademark South East Asian market atmosphere you’ve read about in your guide book. Chau Long is located at the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, near Truc Bac Lake. As an added bonus, the market is surrounded by shops and pho vendors; so once you’ve finished browsing, pull up a plastic stool and dig into everyone’s favorite noodle dish.

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