Celebrate China-Australia Year of Tourism in Xi'an

In celebration of the China-Australia Year of Tourism 2017 (CAYOT), 1,000 Australians will be able to experience a one-of-a-kind Chang’an Impression: Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony in Xi’an, China’s ancient capital.

Due to be held 14 September, 2017 at the Xi’an city wall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Australian visitors will view this exclusive performance that displays China’s hospitality and history, and is normally exclusive to distinguished guests.

For this one night only, courtesy of the China National Tourism Administration, the welcoming ceremony will include Australian elements it never featured before.

You can fly directly into Xi’an for the event, there is a special Hainan Airlines flight that departs Sydney on 13 September.

The Chang’an Impression: Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony is the only performance in the world that features culture and etiquette from the Tang Dynasty, with intricate costumes identical to ancient times.

The grand ceremony opens with “Tang Dynasty officials” and royal guards greeting and chanting to guests to welcome them, before leading them inside the city walls to view the spectacular multimedia live action performance.

The performance takes the audience on a dynamic journey through China’s imperial history and culture, telling the story through song, dance, costume and drama, before ending in a goosebump-evoking finale.

Xi’an (previously named Chang’an, meaning “eternal peace”) was China’s capital city for 13 dynasties, and holds immense significance for China as it marked the beginning of the Silk Road trade route, making it the economic and political centre of the world.

For more information on how you can be a part of this special event:

Photos by Lana Bogunovich


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