Cathay Pacific's new Airbus designed for passenger comfort

 Cathay Pacific Airways, the A350-900 Airbus

Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways has added a new aircraft to its fleet.

The A350-900 Airbus will fly out of Perth on the airline’s daily Hong Kong service, replacing the current A330-300, adding more than 21,000 seats to the route per year.

Travellers on board the aircraft will benefit from a range of new innovative features such as quieter cabins, intelligent mood lighting, and improved cabin pressure and humidity levels, all designed to enhance the quality of sleep on board and reduce jet lag and travel fatigue.

In addition, Cathay Pacific has also partnered with The University of Western Australia to create the Ultimate Sleep Guide, providing expert tips and advice on the science behind getting the best in-flight sleep.

 Cathay Pacific Airways, the A350-900 Airbus

“There are a number of factors which can affect the quality of on board sleep, however the new features of the Cathay Pacific A350, combined with some simple strategies, can make a big difference,” The University of Western Australia professor and sleep expert Peter Eastwood says.

“Ideally, you want to sleep when it is night time at your destination, so set your watch to the destination time and try to sleep at the appropriate time for your new location.

This is helped by the smart lighting on the Cathay Pacific A350 flight, as it’s programmed to reflect day-time and night-time, and passengers who sleep during the ‘dark hours’ become better adapted to the sleep and wake cycles needed at your new location.”

 Cathay Pacific Airways, the A350-900 Airbus

Cathay Pacific has a long and successful history with Perth and the Western Australian market, and the permanent addition of the A350 at Perth Airport is testament to the brand’s commitment to the region.

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