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Street Food

The gourmand's guide to Singapore

The gourmand’s guide to Singapore: from markets to Michelin stars

Expansive parks, iconic architecture and East meets West vibe have been drawing visitors to Singapore for decades. But for this gastronomically inclined traveller, it’s the city’s unofficial national sports of eating ...
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Why Hong Kong is gold for foodies

Whether you’re after street eats or Michelin-starred dining, Hong Kong is one of the world’s great culinary cities. Sometimes referred to as the world's food fair, Hong Kong’s island location ...
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Art meets food at AYA Restaurant

AYA Restaurant, the quirky creation of owners Juanjo Suárez, Rafael Sanchez, Christian Gastaldi and chef Marco Cueva, offers a fusion of Peruvian-Asian cuisines in Seminyak. Renowned Chef Marco Cuevas’ incredible ...
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Medina of Fes, Morocco

Fes is one of the region’s most alluring destinations, while the famed market is something of a national treasure. The souks are dazzling displays of colour, and feature artisans of ...
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Tarabuco Market, Bolivia

A colourful market favoured by the Yampara people, this market is a weekly event, and showcases handicrafts, clothing (think ponchos, ponchos, ponchos), food stuffs, beautiful textiles, and more. Roughly 50 ...
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Kerala, savoured

The cacophony of sights and sounds is overwhelming, but awe-inspiring. There is order in the disorder of a seemingly frenzied crowd of people and jammed traffic as you stand at ...
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San Francisco state of mind

From hip Spanish tapas bars to secret restaurants 
and paint parties, the Bay City dishes up one of America’s most diverse dining and nightlife scenes. San Francisco has taught me ...
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A Taste of Taiwan

Taiwan may be tiny but its gastronomic appeal is anything but. Taiwan’s Indigenous tribes occupied the island for millennia until the 17th century when the Han Chinese began arriving. The ...
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Lunching in Laos

Stink bugs on sale at the Phosy Market in Luang Prabang Alone 40 watt bulb does its best to light the room, but most of those present are consigned to ...
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Pleasures of Penang

It’s said that to truly understand a culture you must taste it, and nowhere could this saying be truer than in Penang. With its rich brew of Chinese, Indian, and ...
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