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Family ties in paradise

A century after finding their patch of paradise on the island of Ghizo, Jennifer Berry returns to the Solomon Islands to retrace her British family’s heritage and to sample the ...
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In the Footsteps of the Samurai

The castle city of Matsumoto is rich in Samurai history, but has plenty more strings to its bow. Although known to many Australians as a top ski destination, beyond the ...
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Time Warp

  Cuba is an alluring step back in time and it is easy to be seduced by the passion of its people and culture. When it comes to securing their ...
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The Aztecs exhibition

The Aztec Empire lasted 500 years with gods, demons, warriors, slaves, nobles, and human sacrifice part of daily life. The Aztecs exhibition shines a light on the Empire with more ...
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The lost diggers exhibition

This outstanding exhibition is akin to finding priceless buried treasure, and in a way it is. The small French village of Vignacourt was always behind the front lines in the ...
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Deyrolle Taxidermy. Paris, France

Less a market and more a shop, Deyrolle deserves honourable mention on account of it being the single strangest shop in all of Paris, and perhaps the entirety of Europe, ...
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Yongsan Electronics Market, South Korea

If it blinks, beeps, whizzes, whirs or walks with a computerised gait, chances are good you’ll be able to buy it at Yongsan, South Korea’s sprawling electronics market. The complex ...
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India a Ticket to Heaven

By Roberto Nistri The Maha Kumbh Mela, is the largest gathering of people in the history of mankind, and India’s most important Hindu religious festival. Sanjeev is very tired and ...
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San Antonio the vibrant oasis

Deep in south Texas, San Antonio is a vibrant oasis. By Ute Junker If you have never visited San Antonio, chances are, you will never have heard of Robert H. ...
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