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Homage to Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the most recognised buildings in the world, with an ivory-white exterior that glows with an ethereal beauty. One of the new Seven Wonders of ...
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Eat, Pray and Love in India

Luxury safari and experiential travel company andBeyond has created a new set departure itinerary – Eat, Pray and Love in India. This unique 11 day/10 night journey gives travellers the ...
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Bengaluru's sultans of bling

If I was a Sultan’s wife, an 18th-century teak Summer Palace or a 19th-century palace modelled after England’s Windsor Castle in Bengaluru would do just fine. Grand doesn’t begin to ...
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Kerala, savoured

The cacophony of sights and sounds is overwhelming, but awe-inspiring. There is order in the disorder of a seemingly frenzied crowd of people and jammed traffic as you stand at ...
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Within the walls of Rajasthan

Scenes unspool with cinematic élan around the cobweb-shrouded courtyard that pigeons rule over: a mural of a long train with one passenger per compartment, a multi-tasking woman feeding a child ...
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Tastes of Mumbai

Mumbai, Bombay, Kakamuchee, Galajunkja: differing names over time, but this bustling city on the banks of the Arabian Sea captivates, inspires and engages with a colourful history told through its ...
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Luxury India

India’s expanding offering of extravagant properties is making it one of the world’s most popular luxury holiday destinations. internal data revealed that 25 per cent of all bookings to ...
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Nagaland, India: Mystic world of Nagas

The rhythmic and lilting chanting of the Ao tribes, resplendent in their intricately-woven shawls with traditional motifs signifying bravery and courage, reverberates in the air like digital surround sound. The ...
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Indian festivals with Active Travel

Active Travel’s 22-day tour of India’s remote north-eastern region, departing November 2016, will uncover the ancient monasteries, spectacular valleys, colourful festivals and diverse cultural events of Sikkim and Nagaland. Hosted ...
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