solo female traveller

Solo female traveller? This is the best country to visit

Switzerland is not only home to some of the highest mountains in the world, but also its most postcard-worthy lakes and most pristine wilderness areas. It’s also one of the safest places on the planet for solo female travellers, with some great offers for avid adventurers.

world's tallest climbing wall

How to turn a waste incinerator into a world-class tourist attraction

You read that right – a waste incinerator is becoming a world-class attraction. It’s broken at least one world record with another on the way.

Harry Potter exhibition

MUGGLES WELCOME: New Harry Potter attraction will have a butterbeer bar

The new Harry Potter exhibition will feature never seen before photos from the famous films, but it’s the butterbeer bar everyone is raving about.

Spice World bus

‘Spice up your life’ with a night in the Spice World bus

Stop right now. Thank you very much. You can now book a holiday in the Spice World bus.

American's review british beach

‘What the hell is this?’: American’s brutal review of British beach

This American’s review of a British beach will have you in stitches. Nick Alexander’s viral TikTok video is pretty harsh. Do you agree?

portal cities

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Cities are connecting through sci-fi portals

It looks like something out of a futuristic film. But this strange circle actually connects cities across the world in real-time. Find out how it works.

Disney Luca

Disney’s new animated film Luca will make you want to go to Italy ASAP

Disney Luca is a film about summer holidays, friendships and coming of age. If you’ve been to Italy before it will bring back incredible memories.

DIY campervan renovation

Students renovate campervan for under $800…and it actually looks good

Don’t let the price tag fool you. The results of the DIY van conversion are pleasantly surprising. Take a look inside.

mini statue of liberty

A mini Statue of Liberty is making its way from France to the US

Meet ‘Little Lady Liberty’. France is sending another Statue of Liberty to the United States and she’s mini. But what’s happening to the original?

bleach blue lagoon

Police warn swimmers to stay away from beautiful bleach blue lagoon that can burn human skin

It looks like a tropical paradise but not everything is as it seems. Swimmers have been told this blue lagoon is like ‘bathing in bleach’.

colosseum retractable floor

ROME RENOVATION: The Colosseum is getting a high-tech retractable floor

For the first time in 200 years Rome’s Colosseum is getting a floor AND it will be retractable, bringing it straight into the 21st century.

wine barrel hotel

You can sip and stay in this unusual wine barrel hotel

Calling all wine lovers. If a weekend in the wine country is up your alley, you will love a stay in this wine barrel hotel.