bridge over river in Shizuoka

31 must-try trends, destinations and experiences for your travel wish list

Uncover 31 travel trends embracing everything from astrotourism to coolcationing.

Matsuyama Castle at sunset

A beginner’s guide to Setouchi, Japan

The Setouchi region reveals a quiet side of the country, one increasingly revered by cyclists, foodies, artists and nature lovers alike.

Togakushi Koda Trail; street performer Karuizawa train station

Get to know Japan’s New Golden Route

When the sun melts the ski fields of central Japan, Nagano and Gunma come together to create a surprising natural playground.

Bomb memorial in Hiroshima, Setouchi

Discover the gateway to Setouchi at Hiroshima Airport

Japan’s Hiroshima Airport is ideally located to access the treasures of Setouchi

The stunning natural beauty of Japan's Hakuba Valley

Family fun at Hakuba Valley

Hakuba’ss great snow quality, incredible sights and luxury accommodation make it hard to look past for your next snowcation.

Mount Fuji emerges above the blossoms

10 unforgettable experiences in Shizuoka Prefecture

Within easy reach of Tokyo, Shizuoka prefecture unites some of Japan’s most legendary landscapes with culinary delights and culture.

catamaran sailing past island

A beginner’s guide to island hopping Japan’s Seto Inland Sea

More than 1000 islands are peppered throughout Japan’s Seto Inland Sea and each one has a unique character waiting to be discovered.

Cherry blossoms in Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan

When is cherry blossom season in Japan?

Spring has sprung in the Land of the Rising Sun, and with it comes a wave of blush-pink blossoms. This is your guide to the 2024 sakura season.

Get a taste of the real Japan in Nagano and Kanazawa

From food tours and samurai experiences to tea ceremonies and geisha, Nagano and Kanazawa have some of the most authentic tourist experiences in Japan.

Two cats rubbing noses

Cat Island Japan: a guide to visiting Aoshima

A unique rural islet where humans are outnumbered 10 to one, Aoshima is a cat lover’s paradise where kitties roam wild and free.

Japan © Redd F Unsplash

Explore the best of Japan on this art-lover’s tour

It’s a heady mix of the old and new making it one of the most thrilling countries to visit anywhere in the world. 

Six new Tokyo hotels to explore Japan in 2024

Looking for a unique place to stay? There are plenty of new Tokyo hotels that are more than just somewhere to sleep.