Lisa’s Indian taco

Lisa’s Restaurant in Greybull, Wyoming, an Old West town known for its cowboy spirit and cuisine serves a spectacular version of the dish

Theres No Place Like Roam

South Dakota’s Buffalo Roundup embodies the spirit of the West

Time Warp

Cuba is an alluring step back in time and it is easy to be seduced by the passion of its people and culture.

Bearing up in Canada

The best way to see Polar Bears up close is with Frontiers North Adventures on their Tundra Buggy Tours

Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia

The Witches’ Market in La Paz is packed with shops selling goods used in local Aymara rituals

Central Market. Sucre, Bolivia

If you plan on travelling in Bolivia, you’d better get used to maize

Food Trucks. The Valley, Anguilla

Sleepy Anguilla comes to life on the weekends

Hamburger Food Truck. Cusco, Peru

Llama burger anyone?

Curried Roti Saint Lucia, West Indies

Roti with a Caribbean twist

Wine Ice Cream Cafayate, Argentina

In Argentina you can by wine flavoured ice cream

St. Lawrence Market Toronto, Canada

If you can’t find it at the St. Lawrence Market, it’s not worth looking for.

San Francisco Market Quito, Ecuador

You may get more than you bargained for at Quito’s San Francisco Market