Casa Cavia, Buenos Aires

Casas Cavia, Buenos Aries, South America

Housed inside a stunning 1920s Belle Époque building in the ultra-stylish Palermo Chico neighbourhood, Casa Cavia is a modern cultural centre and destination for the senses.

In addition to the restaurant, inside the restored two-story residence you’ll find a bookstore, flower shop, publishing house and perfumery, all showcasing the city’s vibrant architecture, design, literature and, of course, gastronomy.

Casa Cavia, Palermo Chico, Buenos Aries

This collaborative and creative spirit has inspired head chef Julieta Caruso to create the unique menu at Casa Cavia’s newly expanded restaurant and kitchen.

Paying homage to Casia Cavia’s publishing house roots, the conceptual new menu draws inspiration from a long list of classic books and authors from around the world.

Each dish contains a story and relates to quotes from famous literary figures, encouraging diners to explore the relationship between food and literature. “In the same way books can evoke feelings, so can food – it can surprise you, and make you remember things from your childhood,” says Caruso. “Apart from being tasty, we want to really stir peoples’ emotions.”

Casa Cavia, Buenos Aries, South America, Argentina

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