This seven-day dirt bike tour with Cape York Motorbikes is epic

It’s a seven-day expedition for discerning motorcyclists with Cape York Motorbikes.

Feel the freedom of riding off-grid on a dirt bike through lush bushland, up sand dunes, twisty forest trails, and across creeks in the warm tropics of northern Queensland. Here, there’s nothing but the sound of the rev of your bike and just your small group alongside you as you power through the remote, rusty-red terrain in one of Australia’s largest wilderness regions, Cape York. All the while, rest in the knowledge you’re leaving minimal impact on this pristine environment. 

Committed to the environment

Multi-award-winning Cape York Motorbikes is the first motorcycle touring company in the world to achieve eco-certification. From its maintenance of bikes to maintain fuel efficiency to fundraising for local conservation project Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. The seven-day Cape York bike expedition will test your limits during the day on thrilling off-road tracks and river crossings, and you can rest easy at night in plush beds at charming cabins and hotels. 

With more than three decades of experience and the use of experienced guides who have an intimate knowledge of the region, you’ll venture to places you never thought possible to explore on two wheels, including the chance to discover some local gems, including the Old Telegraph Track, Tip of Australia, heritage-listed Cooktown, and the picturesque Twin Falls – and you might even spot a croc or two along the way. But you’re guaranteed to leave making new friends; nothing sparks camaraderie like a dirt bike adventure in the outback.

Test your limits on thrilling off-road tracks and river crossings

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures since 1990

As the world’s first motorcycle tour company to be eco-certified in 2006, they have established themselves as pioneers in sustainable adventure tourism. With the use of CFMOTO 800MT or similar adventure bikes, participants can confidently navigate the diverse terrains that Cape York has to offer.

Cape York Peninsula, located in far north Queensland, Australia, is an adventurer’s paradise. From its rugged landscapes to its rich cultural heritage, Cape York boasts a plethora of iconic attractions that leave visitors in awe. Cape York Motorcycle Adventures takes riders to discover these gems, including the famous Old Telegraph Track, the magnificent Tip of Australia, the heritage-listed Cooktown, and the picturesque Twin Falls. With each passing day, riders are treated to a new adventure, immersing themselves in nature and the region’s fascinating history.

Explore one of Australia’s largest wilderness regions, Cape York

The perfect balance between adventure and comfort

Riders can push their limits on thrilling off-road tracks and river crossings during the day, knowing they will be welcomed by cozy accommodations each night. The tour provides fully equipped support vehicles for large groups, ensuring riders can focus on the journey ahead without worrying about logistics. From comfortable hotels to charming cabins, participants can unwind and recharge for the next day’s adventure in style.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast seeking a unique blend of adventure and camaraderie. So, gear up, rev your engines, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Cape York Motorcycle Adventures.

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