How to turn any van into a holiday on wheels in 24 days

Undertaking a DIY campervan conversion is a daunting task for anyone. But Aussie couple Mason and Sarah have simplified the process and it almost seems like anyone could do it. The ‘Driving Down Under‘ duo give followers a step-by-step guide on how to convert a campervan from scratch.

Sarah and Mason © @driving.down.under Instagram

Mason, a landscaper and Sarah, who is studying to be primary school teacher, started their DIY campervan conversion journey by renovating an old ambulance. 

After a “bloody tough” first project the couple never thought they would do it all over again.

“Here we are just two months later hooked on doing van conversions,” said the couple to their almost 5000 Instagram followers.

A sunny day working on the van © @driving.down.under Instagram

Since then the couple have fully converted a Transit and Vito which took them a total of 24 days over 10 weeks. They are now onto their fourth and fifth projects.

Mason and Sarah are in the process of converting ‘Big C’, a 2012 Volkswagen Crafter and ‘The Transporter’, a 2012 Volkswagen Transporter.

diy campervan conversion
The results of a complete conversion © @driving.down.under Instagram

The DIY campervan conversion process

As experienced DIY campervan converters, Mason and Sarah have a few tips for making the process as easy as possible.

Their number one piece of advice for newbies: “Plan! Plan! Plan! You’ll save lot’s of time and money if you have an extensive plan.”

The couple sketch up the plans of their builds to include everything they want. A detailed plan means they “measure twice and cut once”.

The conversion process step-by-step © @driving.down.under Instagram

Mason and Sarah start by buying a van. So far they’ve bought all their vans on Facebook marketplace.

Step two is preparing the van. This is a pretty involved step and includes  gutting, insulating, running cables for electricals, installing wall and roof panels and building cabinetry.

Fortunately the ‘Driving Down Under’ duo have documented a step-by-step guide of their DIY campervan conversion in an Instagram reel mini-series.

Plus they’ve blogged each of their five conversions and pinned them as highlight reels so that budding campervan converters can research and study them closely.

Once the van fitout is complete it’s time to furnish it.

Mason and Sarah put together mood board to decide the overall style and theme of the campervan.

diy campervan conversion
From mood board to finished product © @driving.down.under Instagram

You might not have the time our resources to carry out a DIY campervan conversion yourself, but you don’t have to miss out on the van life dream.

Mason and Sarah now sell and rent their completed vans.

Rent their van here.

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