By the seashore: Seychelles in spectacular fashion

Seychelles, the exotic archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, has inspired the latest work of Sydney-based luxury fashion designer, CARL KAPP. 

The South-African-born artist, who spent his childhood in the town of Stellenbosch among mountains and vineyards, has a growing clientele of discerning travellers from around the globe.

The high-profile designer, whose pieces have been worn by some of the world’s most glamorous women including Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, has formed a travel partnership with Seychelles Tourism Board to develop his new CARL KAPP SS20 collection.

By the Seashore: Seychelles Fashion: SS20 Carl Kapp_Image by Julia Balla

Shot in unique locations in Seychelles, the collection highlights the natural beauty of this idyllic tropical destination.

The effortlessly stylish collection, that lends itself perfectly to breezy vacation days, was photographed at the following Seychelles locations: 

Six Senses, Zil Pasyon, Félicité Island: the official luxury accommodation partner – a wellness property that blends striking design with its stunning natural surrounds.

La Digue Island: the island’s Anse Source D’Argent Beach is famed for being one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Its white sands are lapped by shallow emerald waters, backed by beautiful granite boulders and shading from coconut palms; while Grand Anse is La Digue Island’s longest beach.

Praslin: the legendary Vallée de Mai is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles, and was once believed to be the original Garden of Eden, with some of the world’s most famous tropical forests. This hauntingly beautiful primeval forest is home to some 6,000 Coco de Mer trees.

Visiting Seychelles

Seychelles is a destination where visitors can experience many islands and not be limited to remaining on one island or resort.

Each island offers a completely different experience, with something for everyone – from trekking, zip-lining, snorkelling, surfing, golfing, fishing, sailing and diving among many activities.

The environmentally friendly destination, with more giant tortoises on the islands than humans, has unspoiled beaches and nature reserves. In Mahe alone, you are guaranteed to find your own private beach with more than 65 to choose from.

The island of Praslin, home to UNESCO World Heritage site Valle de Mai, spans more than 19 hectares of palm forest perfect for nature lovers with hiking trails, as well as being home to the world’s largest seed, the Coco de Mer.

By the Seashore: Seychelles Fashion: SS20 Carl Kapp_Image by Julia Balla

On La Digue Island the bicycle and ox-cart are still the principal forms of transportation.

It is not a mass tourism destination, and with almost 50 per cent of its limited landmass set aside as national parks and reserves, the destination has an enviable degree of protection for the environment.

Nowhere else on earth will you find unique endemic specimens such as the Coco de Mer, the jellyfish tree (with only eight surviving examples), the Seychelles’ paradise flycatcher, and Seychelles warbler.

From the smallest frog to the heaviest land tortoise and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles nurtures an amazing array of endemic species within surrounds of exceptional natural beauty.

Culturally, the Seychellois cuisine, music, heritage and Creole way of life make for a colourful visit of intoxicating spice and flavour – and warm hospitality from the locals.

The year-round tropical destination has a constantly warm climate that does not reach extremes of either heat or cold. The temperature rarely drops below 24°C or rises above 32°C – ideal for beach lovers.   

By the Seashore: Seychelles Fashion: SS20 Carl Kapp_Image by Julia Balla

Photography by Julia Balla
Modelled by Agi Akur

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This story first appeared in Vacations & Travel magazine, spring 2019, issue 112.

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