Brazil opens its arms to Australians


With more flights between Australia and South America than ever before, and the new electronic visas now available for Australians wanting to visit Brazil, the time to plan your Brazilian vacation is now.

There is so much more than just Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo, the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, vibrant Salvador (see our story on Salvador on page 100), and the Pantanal wetlands to visit. Brazil has so many beautiful places to discover, including the incredible natural pools of Gales de Maragogi, São Miguel dos Milagres and Porto de Galinhas.

The pristine aquamarine pools are home to myriad sea life and the snorkelling and diving is incredible. The diving is also exceptional in Fernando de Noronha and in Bahia. No matter how beautiful the scenery or how delicious the food, it will be the friendliness of the people that wins you over.

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