Book Lapland opens up the Arctic for independent travel

A team of Arctic travel experts have launched a new website called Book Lapland to make independent travel to the Arctic region easier and quicker.

Book Lapland is working with activity providers across Norway, Sweden and Finland to offer a central platform where visitors can check live availability and book activities online.

“The Arctic region is a magical place to experience and somewhere I have called home for many years, however it has never been easy for independent travellers to plan a trip and book activities,” Book Lapland founder Chad Blakley says.

“Book Lapland has been designed to change this and allow those travelling to make the most of their time by building their own adventure to the Arctic.”

Additionally, Book Lapland has exclusively partnered with one of the most popular travel regions of Northern Norway, Visit Tromso, making it one of the biggest Arctic activity booking lines.

The website is thought to have the world’s biggest range of Arctic activities and will only grow in the future with a team in the Arctic region adding new activities each day.

“This is an exciting time for anyone who has ever dreamed of experiencing the Northern Lights or Midnight Sun; go dog sledding or Snowmobiling.

“The launch of Book Lapland has now made an independent trip possible for many of those looking to create their own independent Arctic adventure.”

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