A zesty gin twist to a Bombay classic

When life gives you lemons, Bombay Sapphire gives you Bombay Citron Pressé gin – an expressive tipple that will transport you to the Mediterranean in an instant.

But how? Utilising only the freshest hand-picked Mediterranean lemons harvested early in the season to capture their zesty citrus notes. Then hand-peeled to create a concentrated 100% natural fruit infusion, with no added sugar for a devilish addition to your summer cocktail collection.

This new gin is inspired by the flavours of the classic Tom Collins cocktail, though Bombay Citron Pressé works just as well in a classic G&T – with an added citrus twist. Being based in Bombay Sapphire’s classic and much loved London Dry Gin.

Sip and savour

Acting as the perfect canvas for gin enthusiasts, Bombay Citron Pressé makes the perfect summer cocktails. From a classic Pressé & Tonic, ultimate Tom Collins, or simply over ice in a Pressé & Soda.

If you’re looking for a tipple to treat your guests with added sparkle, a Southside Fizz with its combination of Bombay Citron Pressé gin topped with sparkling wine served in a chilled coupette, is class personified. And ideal for any occasion, from the celebratory and special to simply being a Saturday.

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