Police warn swimmers to stay away from beautiful bleach blue lagoon that can burn human skin

UK swimmers are flocking to a beautiful blue lagoon with a deadly secret.

The lagoon actually contains bleach-like water that can burn human skin.

The old Harpur Hill Quarry has been labelled “the most dangerous water in the UK”.

Authorities have warned people to have common sense and stay away.

Popular among daytrippers, the deceptively beautiful ‘blue lagoon’ has pH levels similar to ammonia.

Buxton’s bleach blue lagoon also used to be a dumping ground.

Car wrecks, dead animals, faecal matter and rubbish are just some of the things waiting for swimmers beneath the sparkling surface.

Signs leading up to the pool warn visitors that the bleach-like water is toxic enough to cause “skin and eye irritations, stomach problems and fungal infections such as thrush”.

bleach blue lagoon

Brits in lockdown are buzzing for some summer fun. An estimated 2,000 people broke lockdown rules and travelled to the bleach blue lagoon during hot weather.

Authorities had to go to desperate measures to make the bleach blue lagoon less appealing.

Derbyshire Police now regularly dye the lagoon black to deter people from entering the water.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire Police said: “There are a number of disused quarries across Derbyshire and throughout the country.”

“Many of them are on private land so as well as the risk of trespassing penalties, people swimming in quarry waters put themselves in danger of cold water shock, getting injured by hidden items beneath the surface or other health issues relating to pollution.”

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