Blagaj, a hidden secret


From the bustling capital city of Sarajevo, to the glistening Adriatic coastline of Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a diverse natural beauty and compelling history. Snow-peaked mountains, lush national parks, pristine rivers and lakes, mysterious pyramids, and historic villages barely scratch the surface of what you’ll find here.

One such gem is the intriguing old town of Blagaj, sitting right next to the source of the beautiful river Buna. A spectacle in its own right, the Buna source is a full size river of potable water which springs out from a cave underneath a 200-metre high cliff. At the top lie the ruins of the ancient medieval fortress of Stjepan Grad, and below, beside the river, sits the beautiful Dervish monastery.

Dating back to the 16th century, Blagaj Tekke is one of the country’s most interesting attractions. In perfect harmony with its natural surroundings, the Tekke’s beautiful baroque-inspired architecture is a sight to behold. Inside you’ll find a museum housing two entombed Dervishes. Outside, wander around the garden and enjoy a Turkish coffee on the riverside terrace as you feel the river’s coolness in a truly unique setting where history can be felt all around.

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