Bali’s newest high-end casual dining restaurant

The importance of sharing a meal with family, friends and community is something that transcends different countries and cultures. It’s a sacred tradition and one that’s unparalleled in its power to bring people together. It’s with this uniting philosophy that Bali-based Scottish chef Will Meyrick has opened his latest restaurant, Billy Ho.

Though you’ll find it in the heart of Canggu, Billy Ho offers a respite from the surrounding crowded streets. Meyrick doesn’t just want it to be a place to experience a world-class meal, but somewhere guests can go to slow down, enjoy a good conversation, and enjoy the company they’re with.

Billy Ho’s menu – the brainchild of Meyrick and chef Tim Bartholomew – is a refined combination of the comfort foods you’d find in Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea. It includes dishes that will get your mouth watering just from the sound of them, including starters like the torched Tokusen beef rump with fried garlic, charred leek tare shoyu and salted egg yolk sauce, as well as mains like grilled red miso grouper served with pickled red cabbage with green chilli, cashew nuts and white miso crustacean sauce.

Billy Ho Canggu
Billy Ho Canggu

The restaurant’s interior is a warm and inviting space. It features a communal dining table, plus a seven metre bar and the town’s first ‘beer wall’; a showcase of the hand-crafted beer they serve. Designed by Rob Sample, the interior of Billy Ho is a dynamic space with a cohesive mix of materials, textures and palettes. Your eyes are drawn between the black bamboo that covers the high ceiling to the tattoo-inspired feature mural – created by local Canggu artist Ogud – to the leather and wicker dining chairs. While the space features an overall neutral palette, the wall behind the bar offers a burst of ocean-like colour, crafted from individual wooden shingles, or sirap.

Billy Ho Canggu

Will Meyrick is a well-known figure in the South East Asian food scene. Billy Ho is the latest in his portfolio of premium restaurants in Bali.

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