Book the cheapest flights and hotels with Kayak’s new tool

The Best Time To Travel tool analyses pricing, seasonality and visitor data to help you find the best month to book flights and hotels at the destination of your choice.  

If you’re a traveller who has recently decided which destination is next on the list to be explored, there’s a new tool you need to know about. It’ll tell you the best month to visit your destination, the best dates to book flights, and how much you can expect to pay for hotels while there. It’s called the Best Time To Travel, and it’s owned by Kayak, a metasearch engine that gathers data from hundreds of other travel websites to deliver the best deals into the hands of its users. Owned and operated by Booking Holidays, Kayak covers flights, hotels, car hire, private stays and holiday packages. Naturally, Kayak uses this data to power the Best Time To Travel

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Best Time To Travel by Kayak.

How does the Best Time To Travel tool work?

Step one: Find out which month to visit 

Users are required to enter their desired departure point and destination to begin the process. Currently, only trips of four, seven and 14 days are provided as trip lengths. The tool will then tell you the best month to visit your destination to experience the best weather, least crowds and cheapest airfares. This is fantastic for those who know where they want to go, but not when. 

Step two: Choose your dates 

The second tool allows you to customise your search down to specific dates. This provides further details to those who chose the suggested month, but also allows people who need to travel at a specific time to enter their dates. The Best Time To Travel tool will then display a price chart for fares throughout that month, allowing you to identify the most affordable days. 

Step three: When to book

Once you’ve chosen the dates you want to fly, step three will tell you when to book your flights for the best deals. That is, the window in which you’re most likely to score cheap airfares and budget-friendly hotels. 

The best part of Kayak’s Best Time To Travel tool is that it’s entirely free for anyone to use. It doesn’t matter whether or not you subscribe to Kayak or use its booking engine, this service will provide helpful, predictive and insightful information at your request, for free. 

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