How Berlin has transformed 30 years on from the fall of the wall

This year marks the 30th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. The structural border, built by the German Democratic Republic during the Cold War, divided East and West Berlin for 28 years, tearing apart countless friends and families across the country.

Berliner Mauerfall. Image: Justin Leighton / Alamy Stock Photo
Berliner Mauerfall. Photo: Justin Leighton/Alamy Photos

Now three decades on from the Peaceful Revolution that ended communism and brought down the wall, Berlin has transformed from a city divided into a city of freedom, vibrancy and artistic creativity. And the country is ready to celebrate.

To commemorate the anniversary Berlin is hosting city-wide festival which kicked off on November 4 and will continue until the night of November 9. During the seven-day affair, the country’s capital will be transformed into a unique open-air exhibition with large scale video projections, concerts and art installations – including one made up of 30,000 colourful, handwritten messages floating through the sky.

© Kulturprojekte Berlin Photo: Harf Zimmermann and Andreas Kämp
3D video projection showing protests against the Berlin Wall. © Kulturprojekte Berlin/Photo: Harf Zimmermann and Andreas Kämp

Important events that unfolded during the revolution will be celebrated in their original locations across the city before a final stage show is held at Brandenburg Gate, featuring renowned musicians and orchestras.
The full itinerary of events can be found at

Berlin today

Rich in history and buzzing with creative energy, Berlin has become an exciting hub not only for the locals but tourists also.

The city naturally eludes a sense of cool with graffiti art lining the streets, particularly in the hip neighbourhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln, and creative start-ups constantly on the rise. Nightlife in Berlin is particularly intoxicating with the city full of trendy bars and clubs known to stay open until early hours of the morning, including the world-famous techno club Berghain.

Home to around 440 art galleries and 180 museums, five of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Museum Island, there’s no denying that the city is one for the art-enthusiasts and history lovers.

Fall of the Berlin Wall Anniversary - East Side Gallery Berlin. © visitBerlin, Photo: Philip Koschel
East Side Gallery Berlin. © visitBerlin, Photo: Philip Koschel

The remnants left by the former Wall are still one of the city’s main attractions; specifically the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie crossing, the outdoor murals painted at East Side Gallery and the Berlin Wall Memorial. Other city attractions that appeal to tourists include the Reichstag parliamentary building, the Holocaust Memorial and the striking Berliner Fernsehturm television tower which offers the best panoramic views of the city.

Fall of the Berlin Wall 30th Anniversary: Panorama of Berlin. © visitBerlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien
Panorama of Berlin. © visitBerlin, Photo: Wolfgang Scholvien

Opening image: Floating art installation made up of handwritten messages. © Kunstinstallation Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics, kuratiert von Kulturprojekte Berlin

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